Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hobby Lobby won't cover Contraceptives-Claiming Religious Belief.

Hobby Lobby Birth Control Controversy went To Supreme Court
The case that is being presented by Hobby Lobby is that corporations can have religious faith that would cause them to not provide contraception as part of their healthcare coverage.  Obamacare requires that contraception coverage be provided by employers.  The Hobby Lobby believes this is a violation of their religious liberty under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Hobby Lobby is geared toward women and we have a voice. I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of a world of men telling me what they are going to do for "women". They should realize who their customer base is-women. They feel that they have the right to say that it is against their religious liberty. They are an entity. An entity doesn't have a religion. That is their excuse to save money on the backs of their customer base. Not smart.

Don't shop at Hobby Lobby-tell your friends!! Don't let them shop there either. We have a voice and we should use it. This isn't about contraceptives or religion- they don't want to spend the money and they are using us as an excuse.

     Make them pay for their lack of respect for Women!!!


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