Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 4th of July is over but...

Your patriotic theme can go on!!!

Here is a garland that I made:

What will you need:

Well, they didn't have any forms for me to use - check out Trendy Tree for deco mesh wreaths and garland forms. So, I took some rope and measured how long I needed. I tied it to 2 chairs at either ends of the table.

Measured out 6" and added a pipe cleaner. This is what we will use to tied down the ribbons and mesh.

I used 10" deco mesh

Cut all 3 colors 15" in length. I found the middle and twisted it, then I attached it to the rope with the pipe cleaners. I added one layer at a time. Trying to have them go into different directions. I added 3 different types of ribbon that I cut into 15" lengths at the ends. I found the glitter and tied them in last.

When they were laying down they reminded me of pinwheels.

I hope that you will use your imagination and maybe you will make a Halloween garland.

Until we meet again,

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