Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crafty Weekend Continues

I found a bunch of pine cones so I decided to make a wreath
I made this for my Christmas Wreath and LOVED it until all the pinecones starting falling off. If you make this, then keep it indoors!

The inspiration-the wreath.

Okay let's start. First one has to bake the cone @ 240 for 20min. to kill all of the bugs.

That's done. I let them cool for a day. Meanwhile they were in the way until I could use them.

Off I went to Pat Catans Craft Store. and bought the following.
     2 cans of spray paint- One a base color for the wreath after all you don't want the white to show threw. The other was a glitter spray paint in a copper color.
    1 Styrofoam wreath - not too big, This will take time.
    2 fall bouquets of leaves for filler.
    1 fall color ribbon.
    1 tube of epoxy glue- they said to use hot glue but I haven't had so much luck with hot glue.
I put a lot of hours on this project to find out that if I hang the wreath up, every thing will fall off.
♥ hint: when designing a wreath to hang, you should arrange it while hanging.Flower will hang differently when hanging than when laying down.

I started at 11:00 and now it is 4:01pm now.

Here is the final project. Well not the final project it is still drying and I think that I will use it as a center piece. It is very heavy. Maybe too heavy to hang.

I really should invest in a good camera and quit using my phone.
I really don't think that I will make another one. I had several problems; one was that I glued my fingers together with the epoxy glue and then I managed to spray paint myself in the face. OOPS!

♥ I may have glued it to the table.

Until We Meet Again

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