Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow Day Projects That Will Lift Your Winter Blues

This winter has been very harsh for many of us. Let's take some time and pamper ourselves.

How about adding some affordable beach ideas to our home.

Cute idea and you can find shells @ any craft stores.

 We could all use a happy place!

The days are starting to get longer but the nights are still long and cold. Candles can help to warm up a room.

Bring holiday lights indoors.

Fabric stores has chenille to make these wonderful soft decorative pillows. When I was little, it seemed that almost all of the bedspreads were made out of chenille. Great memories.

Glitter never hurt a thing.

Candles again! The use of pearls and twine - a two elements that are from the sea.

New pillows!

New hobby - take a painting lesson. This painting was done by a technique called knife painting. One uses a palette knife instead of a paint brush. I don't know why but blue always makes me smile.

This room divider is simple but makes a great year around statement.

Great project for a wintery snowed in day!

I just had to share this with you!  Beach, Beach, Beach! Humorous Beach Decor Flag Designed by Artist Mary Lou Troutman.

Okay, enough of the beach vacation for now, let's get ready for Valentine's Day!

Until we meet again,

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