Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crafty Weekend

I love the weekend, it's the time that I get to myself to create. 
Today I am attempting to make an 'EAT' sign.
This is my inspiration is 
This is a great article about how Ashley and Jamin live. I love their house. They have a great sense of humor so please visit their page. See which one of their ideas will spirit you on to fall back in love with your house.
The 'ENJOY' sign is what I will attempt.
I went to my favorite craft store Pat Catans Craft Store and I spent way too much money, shouldn't have taken my grandson, in retrospect, he didn't make me spend all that money. 
That was all me!

Okay, let's see what I have.
Plan: Spray paint the letters purple.
Add felt flower that are patterned and glittered.
Add gems to glitz out the design.
Now, that is the plan-let's see what really happens

A diamond is merely a lump of coal
that did well under pressure. 
 We will see, I hope that this will be a diamond and not a lump of coal.
Here are some ideas for you to consider while I start work:
DIY GOLD MAGNETIC LETTERS [Inspired by Charm] Tagged : How-To Material : paint, plastic Techniques : Painting, refinishing
Neat idea if you need magnets for the fridge

love this.

Stacked letters for playroom
Back in a few! 

 I couldn't get a straight on shot so this was the best I could do. It is cute but I think that I will try something new tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Until we meet again,

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