Friday, August 19, 2016

17 Outrageous Wind Chimes

Summer isn't over just yet! There are many good days and nights, especially now that it is almost fall. There will be a nip in the air and sitting outside will be delightful. I am not a fan of heat and humidity, my hair doubles in size and it curls in some unnatural ways. I must say I love fall! I do hang out outside a bit more in the fall so I like to add a little color. Wind Chimes are a good way to add color and some of these are a work of art, so, let's take a look. Some of them you can use as inspiration and some you will just have to droll over on pinterest.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Chunky Ripple Blanket

Winter is coming and I looked up the forecast for the US and according to the Farmers Almanac it is going to be winter from December 20 to May 20. And for most of the US it will be cold, so, let's get crocheting. The first afghan is a ripple afghan. This isn't a new pattern and your mother or grandmother probably have a few afghans like these hanging on the backs of their sofas. I love them because they look very difficult and they aren't. You can use this pattern from a baby blanket to a Christmas blanket. The count is the same.

Here is a pattern from Zoey from Zoey Makes.

Her pattern looks as though it will keep you very warm on those cold winter days:

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