Sunday, May 31, 2015

New! Hot! Raffia for crochet

Premier Home came out with a Raffia line.
It is 100% Cellulose Rayon.
Of course you can make 100 straw flowers and I am sure that I will,
but I wanted to make a basket. 
They suggest using a 5.5mm hook as a good girl I did.

It comes in several colors, but this is the one that choose me.
Do you know how to make a circle,
 if not, there are several sites that can show you how 
but anything that you make round it will instruct you on how to crochet a circle. 
With this knowledge you can carry on to many great items to crochet.
One skein made this basket!
It measures 7"round and 3" high

Here's another shot of the basket.

I did Double Crochet but I wish I had done half double crochet. 
It isn't very sturdy but I will either create a plastic lining out of soda bottles or something.
 One thing that I love about crochet baskets is - 
I can fold them up and store them away!

Have a great weekend!

Until we meet again,

Just a thought!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 4th of July DIY Outrageous Centerpieces

I know that for most, getting ready for summer in on your mind. 
Not, the middle of summer.
The 4th of July is coming upon us and here are big ideas for your summer party.

I am sorry that I not a photographer, so if you like this using my photographic talent, just think how much better they will look using your own skills.

What I like about these centerpieces is the line of sight isn't encumbered. One can talk the person on the other side of the table - only if one wants to.
You can make a huge statement with designs - just imagine the complements.

This is my first attempt at the design - but the mesh ribbon wasn't on sale.  I did find the standard size, so my imagination went wild- I buy this and cut it to size. I added the sequence. Use your imaginations.
*Not a great idea. Mesh gets grabby and can be difficult to use.*

1 of each color red, white and blue of deco ribbon.
1 floral greening pins-
1 half size floral round ball. ( you can pick the size you want) This works better for the design than Styrofoam. I don't know why they just do!
1 heavy plate. The glass part of your craft store has candle plates. They do work the best.
Cut your ribbon to the size that you want. I did 8 inch strips.
You can use Elmer's glue. It is amazing how well that will work. I use an epoxy glue but Elmers will do just fine. Glue form to plate. Let it dry for several hours.

Using the floral greening pins and ribbon strips. start to pins the ribbon to the form. The form will give you the shape. I did on the ribbon gather it at the pinning site.

Stop when you get to center- I did 3 rows to the center. Place your flags and flora picks in the center. It is just easier to do it now, then finish the design and you can't find a place for the flags and picks.

Once you get them where you like- fill the center in with ribbon as to cover up the center.

*One likes to get the strips of ribbon close and tight, don't because the next row of ribbons will take care of any imperfection.

Same design here only using 3 different wide ribbons.

Stacking the center.

 I found these patriotic flowers in the floral part of Micheals Craft stores
and they were on sale! I used two bunches.

Close up of the center.

Any of these and your talents will make a big splash for July 4th or your next patriotic celebrations.

Until we meet again,

The rescue of Rukinga: the latest addition to the Baby Orphan Elephant Family

Seriously !

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