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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Halloween Pumpkin Archway

There's nothing quite like those inexpensive pumpkins to scream Halloween! This Halloween Pumpkin Archway is the perfect way to welcome friends, family, and eventually trick-or-treaters! #pumpkins
This makes a huge statement for little monies. It will be fun to see the children walk through the archway. One could string lights to make it glow at night.

Let's make the archway.

First: Get the pumpkins which are around a dollar.

Drill a hole in the base of the pumpkin large enough to accommodate the largest section of PVC pipes. 
Working one side at a time, stack the pumpkin baskets on the pvc archway and enjoy! Click on the link below for more detailed instructions and to check out all my other Halloween projects!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY: Sofa Table by Scribd

One aspect of DIY that I appreciate is that you can make it fit your decor. Furniture comes in one size but what if it doesn't fit your room and you really really need it. Here are the instructions for a sofa table that will.


Check out the website for details.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 4th of July is over but...

Your patriotic theme can go on!!!

Here is a garland that I made:

What will you need:

Well, they didn't have any forms for me to use - check out Trendy Tree for deco mesh wreaths and garland forms. So, I took some rope and measured how long I needed. I tied it to 2 chairs at either ends of the table.

Measured out 6" and added a pipe cleaner. This is what we will use to tied down the ribbons and mesh.

I used 10" deco mesh

Cut all 3 colors 15" in length. I found the middle and twisted it, then I attached it to the rope with the pipe cleaners. I added one layer at a time. Trying to have them go into different directions. I added 3 different types of ribbon that I cut into 15" lengths at the ends. I found the glitter and tied them in last.

When they were laying down they reminded me of pinwheels.

I hope that you will use your imagination and maybe you will make a Halloween garland.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Patriotic Pillow- free patterm

This is by far the easiest pattern for this very special pillow cover.

Tip - Measure your pillow that you want to cover (I am recovering an existing pillow that is bigger than what is suggested) and adjust your pattern.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Red, White and Blue Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial Part 2

When starting the second layer of ruffles, just choose a twist and un-do it, making sure the first ruffle stays in place, it will.
Lay your next ruffle right down on top of the first, choosing a contrasting color and re-secure the twist with a couple of turns…..not by the balls remember)))
Because of the number of twists, working around the wreath in a red, white, blue pattern didn’t necessarily come out evenly… some point we had to chose a different color.

This is our wreath with three layers of ruffles on the outer and inner rings. Nice)))
You may be wondering why we went around the wreath three times when we could have just held three ruffles in the hand and secured in the twist one time and been done with it. And you could do that, but it takes extra hands!
Also when we finished the first layer… looked like the silver balls on the ends of the twists were going to stick out of the wreath too far…..but after the third layer was added, they seem just right.

There are so many options to use once you’ve completed the base wreath. The base wreath looks great without anything else actually…..or you could add some sprays…..a sign…..glittered words…a bow with some tails.
We chose to add some Royal Blue and Red Polka Dot (This ribbon is sold out, but you can use other styles of patriotic ribbon.) wire edge ribbon. This ribbon is a very nice royal blue polished cotton fabric with red glittered polka dots on one side and red metallic on the bottom. It’s 2.5″ and 10 yards in length. You’ll find this ribbon in our Polka Dot section. Your choice of ribbon or ribbons can absolutely make the wreath. Sometimes it far better to use a more modest style of mesh or other material and use more expensive ribbons for a finishing touch.

We measured the depth of the wreath to determine how long we needed to cut our ribbon strips. If the depth of the wreath measure 7-8″ you need ribbon strips at least 14″ since they will be pinched in the middle and attached to the strips. You want the tips of the ribbons to stick out beyond the mesh a bit so they will be more visible.
It’s always best to try the length of ribbon you think you’ll need before cutting it.

One the ribbon strips were cut, we folded the ribbon in half and made a cut across the folded side of the ribbon.

 Pinch the ribbon in the center.

 Continue adding ribbon. For this wreath, we added ribbon to each twist, but you don’t necessarily have to. We also considered using two types of ribbon but elected to just use this one because it showed up so well.

 Once you’re wreath is finished, hang it up and take a look. Fluff out the tips of the ribbon strips, cut any loose strings. Actually to have 54 pieces of mesh cut, we had practically no strings to cut which is pretty amazing. The more you handle Deco Poly Mesh, it will ravel, but this project went great with next to no raveling.
I love it… this style. The base wreath came out very regular without gaps or holes. No wire frame showed at all and the Pencil Wreath with Balls added a little more sparkle which will be great for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Hmmmmm…..and we can lose the star and add something that screams Hotty Toddy for our Rebel fans )))
Remember……no twisting by the balls……lol (sorry….it’s the end of the day…..I’m tired…..and ready to call this one done! )

Until we meet again,

Stop Bullying in the Work Place, Now!


Red, White and Blue Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial Part 1

I want to make this wreath!
Isn't it spectacular!

Here is how to make this magnificent wreath by Trendy Tree Link
It is a great website to order fun craft items.

We chose to make our wreath using a Pencil Ball Wreath instead of just a plain Pencil Wreath to add a bit more glitz. We were undecided about which color to use and opted for the Silver Pencil Ball Wreath.  The Pencil Ball wreaths cost a little more, but add a little extra with the shiny balls on the tips of the twists. This wreath is 24″, same as other Pencil Wreaths. The actual metal frame is 15″ at it’s widest portion, but yields a 24″ wreath or larger depending on the type mesh and type of method used to make the wreath. (This wreath can be made with any 24″ Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath.)
The Deco Poly Mesh used was the Wide Foil style in the 10″ width. We used Red, Royal Blue and White with Silver Foil. The 10″ rolls have 10 yards and sell for $6.99. I thought when we first started making the Ruffle Wreath that the overall finished wreath would be smaller than the typical wreath made with 21″ wide mesh….but it measured a good 28″ in width and height when done.
The only real difference between our wreath and the Craig Bachman Imports wreath in the video, was on their wreath they went around the inner and outer rings once with a “ruffle” and then did the inner ring a second time to add fullness.
We decided to count to see how many “ruffles” we could get from each roll so that we would use up the rolls instead of having short remnant left over.
We counted the twists on the wreath which were 18. The ruffles were to be cut in 20″ lengths, so each 10 yard roll of mesh should have yielded exactly 18 ruffles of mesh. Thus we would have 54 ruffles….18 of each color. So we decided to give our wreath three layers of ruffles, alternating the colors.
(Note – since this first wreath, we have started making ruffles only 10″ in length which works very well and takes less mesh.)

 The mesh was spread out (all three colors layered on top of each other) and measured on the cutting table. Thanks to Julie Siomacco. Saw her do this in her free tutorial this weekend. Isn’t it funny how we can see someone do something so simple…..and think….gosh, why didn’t I think of that!

 We cut the rolls 20″ in length and just laid them to the side.

 To make the ruffle just start at one end of the 20″ cut length, flatten it out as best you can. It really helps to have another person, or just lay your scissors or something down on the opposite end of the mesh to hold it flat while you pinch pleat right up the center of the strip.

 Just keep scrunching up the middle and keep it snug in your finger.
 Hold it pinched in your fingers until you place it between the twists of the Pencil Ball Wreath

Just pick a place to start on the Pencil Ball Wreath and lay the pinched ruffle inside the twists and secure it with a couple of turns.
When working with the Pencil Ball Wreaths, always use the twist stem and not the balls for twisting. We had a couple to pull loose while we were working with the wreath, but they slipped back on without any problem. But, hindsight…..don’t twist by the balls…..well….I guess that’s a good practice to apply….whatever the occasion……. Anyway…..back to the wreath)))

  Just alternate your colors and continue working around the wreath.

Bullying in the Work Place

We all talk about bullying in schools and the devastating effects on the children, but what if you are an adult. Unfortunately there isn't a law to protect you. And one wonders why some employees bring guns to work!
Being bullied is a devastating effect on the adult. Remember if you are in this situation, you are not the problem. The bully, as in my case was Lorraine Lewis, an Australian, working here in Ohio decided that she didn't like me. There was nothing I could do but leave, She was an executive's wife and of course HR sided with her. So, I resigned. I thought that I could find a another job. And I did but I couldn't leave that feeling of being bullied behind. It followed me everywhere. What was it about me that brought it on. Was I weak, obnoxious, did I offend someone and didn't know it? This happened to me some 4 years ago and I am still emotional and scared. It was funny, at first I was friendly with Lorraine and Bobby, but when the first victim left ALS Tribology, they turned their immature behavior towards me. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Don't let this happen to you.  

You feel that you have no recourse. You wonder why, me? Who knows but why these small minded people exist. This will occur when the boss is weak. HR people aren't your friends. They will see you as the problem even if they have had numerous complaints about these bullies. They think that this is their culture - survival of the fittest. Bull, that culture is offensive and proves that boss and HR are weak and would rather place their heads in the sand then confront the bully. There is nothing redeeming about this individual and should be fired, but management is scared of the bully.

What should you do to prove your position.

Write down every incident, who, what and where. What action if any was placed towards the bully. What was done to prevent this hostile workplace culture. Document everything, because they will and they are willing to use it against you.

Check out this website:

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Working with Cotton

When you think of Cotton one thinks of Sugar and Cream.

Natural, soft and absorbent cotton is ideal for knit, crochet and craft projects. Worsted weight.
 You can find the multicolors here: Sugar & Cream Cotton Ombre Yarn and the stripes here: Sugar'n Cream Stripes Yarn

-100% cotton
-2-1/2 ounces (71 grams) 120 yards
-4"=20 stitches on size 7 needles
-Suggested crochet hook: H8
-Machine wash and dry
But there is more!

Cotton Fair® Solids and Multis Yarn

Sku: PI010027
Sugg. Retail:  $5.49
  Our Price:  $4.99
  Exceptional Value: 3 or more $4.79 each
                                       (mix and match)
                                       6 or more $4.49 each
                                       (mix and match)
Cotton Fair works up into lightweight, soft, and breathable garments that are perfect for babies and adults. The tight twist on the yarn make for better stitch definition. Our beautiful palette of solids and multis are ideal for spring & summer projects. Imported.
  • 52% Cotton, 48% Acrylic.
  • 3.5 oz/100 g, 317 yds/290m.
  • #2 Fine Weight.
  • Cool iron. Machine Washable. Dry clean any solvent except Trichloroethylene.
  • Crochet gauge, G-6 (4mm) hook: 18 sc & 20 rows = 4” (10.2cm).
  • Knit gauge in st st, US 4 (3.5mm) needles: 23 sts & 29 rows = 4” (10.2cm).
I have been making dish cloths with these and I love them. They aren't as thick as Sugar and Cream but they hold their color and extremely easy to work.

Afternoon® Cotton Colors

Sku: PI010185
Sugg. Retail:  $4.99
  Our Price:  $3.99
  Exceptional Value: 3 or more $3.79 each
                                       (mix and match)
                                       6 or more $3.49 each
                                       (mix and match)
Afternoon Cotton and Afternoon Cotton Colors bring you a classic palette of colors with added seasonal multis for year-around crafting. The light weight thread is perfect for knitting, crochet, or any threadwork project and has great twist and shine for lasting heirloom projects. Imported.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • 1.76 oz/50 g, 136 yds/125m.
  • #3 Light Weight.
  • Machine wash warm. Lay flat to dry, dry clean any solvent except Trichloroethylene.
  • Crochet gauge, F-5 (3.75mm) hook: 18 sc & 23 rows = 4” (10.2cm).
  • Knit gauge in st st, US 4 (3.5mm) needles: 22 sts & 26 rows = 4” (10.2cm).
This medium weight cotton blended with polyester means colors stay brighter longer finished projects dry faster and projects are more durable to last longer! Perfect for mesh wash cloths and more!


  • Weight Category: 4.
  • Content: 85% cotton 15% polyester.
  • Suggested crochet hook size US1-9/5.5mm
  • Dyelotted: we try but are not always able to match dyelots
  • Care: machine wash dryer safe do not bleach do not iron do not dry clean. 
Have fun with these yarns!

Until we meet again,
  Bulling at work isn't funny and I am going to take up the cause. If you are a bully at work, beware! Your day will come.

And if you work in a management position, you are condoning and in danger of being sued for negative retention. 

Stop bulling in the work place!

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