Sunday, August 10, 2014

T-Shirt Basket Tutorial

T-shirt yarn is very 'in' right now, I explored the market for it. I found 2 kinds, Spaghetti and Fettuccine. Then I also bought material, sewed it together in a tube and then cut it into a continuous strip. Sort of worked out, sort of didn't. I will explain later. I also bought t-shirts and make yarn out of those. Again, we will discuss that later.

All of these were made using one pattern. It is not my pattern this is how one would form a circular pattern, Using this pattern you can continue on with hats and just about anything that is round.

They are fast and fun to do and the great thing about this material is it can be stretched to fit anything (with in reason).
 I used different size hooks for the different yarn.
The cut t-shirt material obviously is larger than the pre cut yarn. This is where you would do trial and error. 

Make a magic loop. A magic loop if you don't know is a loose slip knot. The reason behind this is that if you chain 3 and then go through the 3rd loop. It will become stretched out and the centre will have a huge hole. A magic loop can be tightened, therefore eliminating the hole.

First row-I did 10 hdc in the centre of hole. You can do more or less. 10 seemed to work our well.
Second row. 2hdc into each stitch leaving 20hdc.
Third row. *1hdc in next stitch, 2hdc into the next stitch then repeat for *
Fourth row. *1hdc into next stitch, 1hdc into next stitch, 2hdc into next stitch. Repeat from *

Are you seeing a pattern?

You can go along until you reach the desired size of the bottom of the basket.

First row and until you reach desired height. SC into each stitch. Using a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark where you started continue on until you reach the desired height. You can also start row by ch1. Turn the basket and work backward. That way you have some texture. So one row you would be working the right side, the next row you would be working the wrong side.

This little guy- I got some wonderful material that was like T-shirt but... It didn't have the pattern on the reverse side. I tried to iron it in the middle but that didn't work. If you don't get the design on the back of the material then when you crochet, you can't see the design of the material.

I found this yarn at Pat Catan's, it is called Fettuccine by Red Heart. I cut up a T-shirt to use in the edging. I have an over-sized plate in this basket. I am giving it to my daughter in law Lacey who also took these pictures.

I put a piece of cardboard  that I covered with the T-shirt material for stability.

This material is two sided. I cut it into a continuous strip after sewing it into a tube. I like it, it is very stretchy.

These were t-shits that I cut. I love the big basket. I think that I will use it as a plant pot cover.

If you look at the bottom of this basket there is a ridge. To make this ridge-keep an open mind- go around the post of the stitch in the last row. So you would be going through the front post and around. After the row is finished-continue around SC until you reach your desired height.

The size of the hook is important because if you have it too big the side's will only flop over. \

This is trial and error.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Until we meet again,

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