Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fairy Gardens

 I love fairy gardens. To me I know that a fairy lives in my gardens. Years ago, my cousin Mary would make these gardens for your landscaping nursery. She is so creative (not like me). Well, since then they have gained in popularity. I thought that we should explore the life of a fairy. In this garden, the creator lite the garden for her little fairy.

Fairy Garden by Anna Sunny Day on Flickr
Wow! What a lucky fairy. Anna has made her such a beautiful.

Let's talk the history of Fairy Gardens.  Magic toadstools. Pixie dust. Elves & fairies hiding in the woodland glen. Such is the enchanted world of Fairy Gardens.

History of Fairies

Garden Fairy “Fairy peoples are thought to have descended from the race of Elves. Elves are an ancient race of magical, slender creatures with pointed ears thought to be extinct. Unlike fairies, they lack the ability to fly, which may have made the fairies a more adaptable race. Elves were once very closely associated with the land and with nature and fairies took over many of their roles in this tradition. Fairies are now air, water, fire and tree spirits…

Throughout most of the former celtic nations : Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Germany, the fairies are becoming things of the past. Even though fairies are commonly believed to exist today, from the eighteenth century and on they have been seen less and less. Once firmly ensconced in the minds of men, the fairies may now be in decline. That people do not often see them any more makes some argue that the fairies will eventually disappear as men stop believing in them.”

You can purchase your fairy garden in a kit and the plants on Amazon. What can't you buy on Amazon. Live Fairy Garden Assortment for Terrariums - Tree Moss, Small Cushions, Partridge Vines, Teaberry Plants for $13.00 or go to your closest nursery and ask for terrarium plants.

You can have the garden inside or out- in a terrarium or a galvanized tub or anywhere you would want your fairy to live. The garden above is in a tree trunk. Cool.

This wonderful house can also be purchased at Amazon. But the one below came from an artist who's blog is called: A Little Fur in my Paint.

She has a tutorial on her blog but I am not as talented as she: If you would like to try to make this house. Just follow the link:

Don't forget that your fairy needs furniture. That can be made or purchased. In fact you can purchase the entire garden on line at Amazon but what is the fun in that?

I love adventures that spark the curiosity of children and adults. Can't you see the fairy tending to her garden? I can just see my grandchildren wonderment when they look for the fairy. There are Fairy Parties that you can have with Fairy food and drink. As for being a project. It can be never ending. A great time to share with your special loved ones.
There are several fairy garden blogs with everything you ever needed to know about fairy gardens and was afraid to ask.
Check these out: and A Little Fur in My Paint.

Until We Meet Again
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