Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mother Nature make a great pallet But... I have better suggestions.

I think that I have mentioned before that I love fall. The colors become an ox-moron, dull in hue but brilliant in color. This is the time of year that we are distracted from our everyday chores and watch Mother Nature but on a show for us.

 The yellows and oranges are tinted with a spot of brown, but there is a burst of color that paints the ravine. The gully becomes a river of color all muted but brilliant. At least it isn't green.

 Many Harvest Moons ago, I was married in the Fall. Late fall as it was. November to be exact. I used a more orange pallet.

 No nor quite this orange'y' but this is a good look for your wedding or party looks.

This is more pink with an accent of peach and brown. This was more a pallet that I liked.

This is an excellent pallet. The colors are still colors of summer but with a hint of brown. This is a good pallet to help you accent your home for fall.

I love color wheels. You can immediately tell that these shades of colors should be in your pallet. One can either choose say, all orange. Or one can see that Brick Red and Kingfisher mixed with Lime and trimmed out with Lilac would be a fun project. They are the same hue and have the same feeling instead of making a mistake with placing maybe a sunkist yellow in the mix that would throw off the pallet.

Happy decorating:

Until we meet again


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