Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crochet for Fall Fashion

The wind is blustery with gray and white clouds streaming by my front porch. A lone leaf is tumbling down the sidewalk. It is a wonderful fall day. Football is on and all my children will be over for hamburgers and a great Browns game. I hope!

Crochet and knitting isn't your Mothers or Grandmother craft anymore. Designers are incorporating them into their designs. Let's take a look.



Balmain has a wonderful skillful Crocheter under contract, don't try this your self. It may be determent to your mental state.

No pattern, it is knitted and just wrapped around.

Go a couple of years to make this outfit. You can go to Etsy and follow the link below to have one made.


This is just beautiful but I wanted to focus on the scarf and arm knitting which for your information is fun and easy to do.

Source Check out the link for the pattern.
Source Pattern

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