Friday, September 30, 2016

A Denim Pumpkin


I love things that are different and here is one that is different!

This idea came from one of my favorite blogs

The end pumpkin.


How about a denim pumpkin! I purchased a craft pumpkin in Michaels where they were 40% off for a cost of $7.49. This project required few additional supplies, just Mod Podge and a brush with which to apply it. I had both of these already, left over from previous projects.  I pulled out some ribbon I had on hand along with some cute little flowers I found in Michaels for $4.99 a dozen.

 To get started, I cut up some of the recycled jean fabric into strips around 2 inches wide. I roughly measured, putting a small mark on the fabric every couple of inches.

Since pumpkins are curved and bumpy, there’s not much point in measuring the fabric strips exactly. Just have fun and go with the flow of the pumpkin

Next, I slathered Mod Podge on to the back side of the denim fabric pieces, working with one piece at the time since it dries quickly.

 The Mod Podge did a great job of adhering the fabric to the pumpkin and smoothing out wrinkles as they occurred was really easy

A little “in-progress” shot…

Here’s how our pumpkin looked fully dressed in denim. I wish you could feel it through the screen…the denim is sooo soft. No wonder we love jeans so much!

Next, I sat down at my desk in the office and played, draping various kinds of ribbon/trim along the seams where the denim strips met. I’ve been busting to find a use for this ribbon I bought a while back that looks like a measuring tape. It looks great with denim, doesn’t it? In the end I decided against using any ribbon or trim.

Instead, I decided to add some Flower Power–there’s a phrase from the past! Each flower was applied with a little drop of hot glue.
Since I loved the feeling and softness of the denim, I didn’t apply a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the fabric, just left it as it was. I did dress up the pumpkin stem, though–more on that in a sec.

I love the way this pumpkin turns out and a great big Thank you to Between Naps on the Porch! Please visit this blog. You will get delightfully lost!

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