Friday, September 23, 2016

15 Great Pumpkins with no skill needed!

Let's all
 it up!! 

Fall is upon us finally--the leaves haven't turned but there is a nip in the air
and the days are getting shorter.
As usual I am looking for projects that require heart more than talent & look what I came up with!!!

1. Have Drill will have holes!

2. You know me that I have more heart than skill. This pumpkin is perfect for me!

You can buy these design flourishes at any crafts store. Just look in the scrap booking department.

3.Add some artificial flowers.

These artificial hydrangea flowers look fantastic for a candle centerpiece.

4. Just add flowers--no water needed.

Artificial flowers last longer and come in a variety of colors.

5. It is amazing what one can do with some paint and letters.

You can find all of this at your local craft stores.
I love this monochromatic pumpkin but you could use contrasting colors.

6. Here is a great project.

Metallic spray paint that comes in a variety of colors and glue gives you a great look.

7. Stencils and glitter.

8. Add flat back jewels with glue. 

Looks great right?

9. 'Frozen' pumpkin.

How fun!

10. Pumpkin, paint, and dots.

11. Cute!

Some paint and ribbons.

12. Button and more buttons!

Just add glue!

14. Use the colors in your house.

Turquoise first then metallic gold paint to embellish.

15. Pumpkin Topiary


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