Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tunisian Mock Scarf

I am working on this scarf. It is rows of cables using the Tunisian Crochet stitch. It isn't difficult and certainly a change from the traditional crochet stitch.  

 Here is my version.

 I made a scarf for Christmas using these colors.

YouTube has the designer showing you how to construct the scarf. I am a beginner and I have learned how to do several stitches and it wasn't overwhelming. One great thing about this pattern is Tunisian crochet normally need a different set of crochet hooks but not this pattern because you crochet in strips. You never have more than 5 stitches on your hook at once, so check out this link to the youtube video and have fun:

I am going to leave you with something to get into the decorating mood for the holidays!

Thomas Kincade: Artist.
One thing that is in his painters is that there is an 'N' for his wife in every painting. Thomas or the Painter of Lights died after his wife divorced him and took his two daughters to Australia. He died of  acute intoxication" from alcohol and Valium.

Until we meet again,
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