Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Electrical Cords and Holidays

Hazardous overloaded electrical power outlet.  Stock Photo - 4232000 

I live in an old house with not too many electrical outlets. So my outlets start to look like this:

But I have found some very creative ways to hide cords.

Thanks to the Thrifty Decor Chick she came up with some great ideas.

When you have a piece of furniture against the wall and you don't want the electric cord to show, she used these:

One placed them on her furniture to guide the cord down the leg-brilliant!

I love this idea and am going to incorporate it into my decor. They are called Cord Covers. 

 I wonder if they come in wood covers so I could hide them down a wall for lamps that sit on built in cabinets.

She also tied them up behind the furniture.

Wow! I wish but it is a good idea and you can turn off all of your holiday lights with one switch.

When you can't hide the cords embrace them!

Incorrect but funny

Until we meet again,

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