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Alcohol Ink Metal Washers for Jewelry

After I found some great beads on the internet and spent hundreds of dollars I asked myself what would make my jewelry special... Well, I looked into making glass beads. One has to use a torch and that isn't really me! I should not be aloud near anything that can cause damage!

Then I found these washers and Alcohol Ink that you can buy either on line or at your local craft store. Well, here is what they look like and how to make them.

I like the look and will try it at home.

Here is how one goes about making these washers that one can obtain at any hardwood store.

To follow is a list of the supplies you need and instructions to create one of these beautiful necklaces using Alcohol Ink on metal washers. Alcohol Ink can be messy, so wear old clothes and cover your work area before starting any alcohol ink projects. If you get alcohol ink where you don't want it, you can clean it up with rubbing alcohol.

Supplies Needed to Complete This Alcohol Ink Project

  1. Alcohol Inks in a variety of colors. I started with 12 colors which I thought was plenty! I soon discovered that it would be fun to have more pinks and blues, so I added 9 new colors to my collection. The more colors, the more fun!
  2. Alcohol Ink applicator and cotton pads.
  3. Metal washers in various sizes. You do not need expensive washers; stainless steel ones work great and range in price from .10 to .45 depending on the size. When choosing sizes, also think about the weight. Some people do not care for heavy necklaces, and the large size washers can be a little heavy.
  4. Jewelry Cording or clasped cording. This comes in a variety of colors and materials. You can purchase it on a roll and cut it to the length you want, then knot it. You can also purchase it with a clasped which is what I chose, because I like the finished look. I used a velvet cord, but it also comes in leather, suede, and nylon.
  5. Sealer - You will need to seal the Alcohol Ink with some type of sealer. Krylon and Rustoleoum make spray acrylic sealers in a glossy finish which looks nice and is easy to use. I suggest at least 3 light coats, waiting 15-20 minutes between coats. Another option is using a product like Crystal Effects to give the washers a high gloss epoxy look.
  6. Rubbing Alcohol - You will need rubbing alcohol for cleaning up any messes. It will also take the alcohol ink off of your hands. Some people wear gloves, but I find it difficult to work while wearing gloves.

Alcohol Ink Applicators

This Alcohol Ink applicator has velcro on the bottom so that they cotton pad will stick. You can also buy refills of the pads. It is perfect for applying Alcohol Ink to metal washers or for other Alcohol Ink Projects.

Add ink to an applicator.

next dap in onto the metal washer

Dab the applicator to the metal washer making a random pattern. You will see the colors begin to blend. Each time you dab, you will see a new pattern form. Dab until you get a pattern that you like.

And it looks like this

This is how the metal washer looked when I was finished appling the Alcohol Ink. Each time you dab, you create a different pattern. You can also put alcohol in a small spray bottle and spritz it and then dab. That will also create a different texture. On some of the washers, I dabbed a base coat of Alcohol Ink with a solid color and then applied another color directly to the washer from the bottle to create dots.

Crystal Lacquer for Sealing Alcohol Ink on Metal

You will need to seal the alcohol ink. Crystal Lacquer is a great product to use for sealing the finished washers or other Alcohol Ink and Metal Projects. It will give your project a high gloss finish. If you prefer an acrylic spray, Rustoleum and Krylon make them in gloss and matte finishes.

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