Friday, February 26, 2016

Watch out - I have found Jewelry Making

You won't believe it but anyone can do this - making jewelry. One day I was bored - I had no one to crochet for - no one at all. So.... I was playing around Pinterest and found this...

Beadalon Memory Wire Silver Bracelet 1oz
It's Memory Wire! All you do is add beads! Of course - You will have to invest some money. The required materials include a memory wire (bracelet size), heavy duty wire cutters (memory wire shears), round-nose pliers and several beads. First, determine how thick you want your bracelet to be and cut the wire according to that size. Now, layout the design of your beads; make a loop on one side of the wire and add the beads on. Once finished, make another loop at the end of the wire. 

Look what you can make:

As you can see you can use different sizes of beads. They also have metal beads to add interest to your design. If you don't like the design, you can start over!!! you can add charms and tassels. one can make it casual to elegant.

to whimsical!
Use different materials

You can make it as big as you like or single!

Watch out it will become addictive! I can't pass a Michaels and all of my computer bookmarks are directed to bead suppliers!

Until we meet again,


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