Sunday, May 31, 2015

New! Hot! Raffia for crochet

Premier Home came out with a Raffia line.
It is 100% Cellulose Rayon.
Of course you can make 100 straw flowers and I am sure that I will,
but I wanted to make a basket. 
They suggest using a 5.5mm hook as a good girl I did.

It comes in several colors, but this is the one that choose me.
Do you know how to make a circle,
 if not, there are several sites that can show you how 
but anything that you make round it will instruct you on how to crochet a circle. 
With this knowledge you can carry on to many great items to crochet.
One skein made this basket!
It measures 7"round and 3" high

Here's another shot of the basket.

I did Double Crochet but I wish I had done half double crochet. 
It isn't very sturdy but I will either create a plastic lining out of soda bottles or something.
 One thing that I love about crochet baskets is - 
I can fold them up and store them away!

Have a great weekend!

Until we meet again,

Just a thought!

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