Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starbucks Candle Holder

I love Starbucks Cappuccinos. So, I had several of these great bottles at home and wanted to use them in an upscale way.

This is one of the ideas I had for a finished product. Leopard spots.

I used:

Gold spray paint.
Diamond esq tape
Sequined tape
Brown paint
Black paint
A flat lid from a jar candle
Gold Glitter

Starbucks Bottle comes in different sizes. You can tell by the calorie count on the front of the bottle as to the size.
This the small size only 200 calories, the next size is 280 calories. I removed the labels using hot water to loosen up the glue and Goof Off a spray glue remover. If you use the Goof Off be in a well ventilated area. Very smelly.

Clean and dry extremely well.

Spray the inside of the bottle with the gold paint. I used the inside of the bottle to give some depth to the pattern.

Start with the brown paint and be paint spots on the bottle. Outline the spots with black, then as it dries, sprinkle gold glitter. It will be caught by the wet paint. You just want to high light the spots and not cover it completely. Use a very soft brush to remove excess glitter.

The flat lid from a jar candle

Remove the plastic that surrounds the lid.

Spray paint the lid gold. You can glue the lid onto the bottle. I didn't, remember that I like to change and upscale what I have so I may want to change these up again.

Finished product.

Until we meet again,

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