Sunday, June 1, 2014


How to make your projects special!

It is not to hard to make a pattern your own. Once you really get into Crocheting, special stitches or colors of yarns can set your crochet a part from all the rest.
Look at these cute cocoons for baby! 
This isn't a free pattern but owl's faces aren't difficult. Maybe add some white thread to the eyes as accents, divide the black of the eyes into 6's or adding a pupil with a french knot.
Another project is my afghan for Cloey.

Putting little pom pom boarder. It looked so cute for a 2yr old.
Watch what you put on the trim or accents. Ribbons and ribbon flowers are so cute but they may not wash well. Make sure that you can remove the ribbon or flower before washing. If this is for a baby. I really wouldn't put anything on the garment or toys that could be taken off by the baby and put in their mouths or up their noses! Also think where is the accent. Will it hurt the baby if they lay on the accent piece. I like accents to be flexible such as crocheted flowers, butterflies, anything.

  Aren't these great! Wouldn't anyone love to receive these as a shower gift!!! How about your craft shop. These patterns cost $8.00. but I think that they are worth it.
Let me know what you came up with, I know that everyone has these great imaginations.
Until we meet again

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