Friday, May 23, 2014

Granny Squares

Granny Square Technique 

I love Granny Squares, it was the first thing that I crocheted with my mother. We used to have crocheting parties. We would drink, eat and teach, especially in the winter. Marblehead Ohio in the winter is unoccupied. It is a resort town and during the summer the population is about 250,000, during the winter it shrinks to 7,000 so there really isn't anything to do during the winter. Therefor, we crocheted granny squares. I after all these years finally figured out this technique.

When you start the granny square, after your magic circle, chain 5, this will count as the first stitch of the first 3 dc cluster. Then crochet around according to the pattern.

After you finish the round add 2 stitches out of the 3 dc and then slip stitch around the post. You will end up right at the corner for the next round. You won't have to slip stitch over to the space 2 because you are already there, plus you can't really see where you joined.

I hope that this will work for you. Any questions just leave a comment.

Until we meet again,

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