Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Seasonal Home

The Seasonal Home is an addiction.
I love decorating for each and every holiday. 
I found this great craft for Easter

Preparations for spring festivities have started and you don’t want to remain behind, right? Start work early this year, and try to make this cute DIY project. Involve your kids as well and have fun in the process! In order to achieve this, you will need:
• a large balloon;
• some white glue;
• a can spray of hair fixative;
• a pair of scissors;
• some glitter;
• a brush;
• a roll of crochet string;
• some green crepe paper or cellophane;
• a small round box;
First of all, fill the balloon with air and tie it firmly, so it will remain the same size throughout your project. Then, cut the crepe paper or cellophane into strips in order to mimic the nest of eggs.
Afterward, take the crochet and wrap the entire balloon in an overlapping and artistic manner. You could place the balloon in a medium bowl to help you work further with the glue. Use a brush and pass it gently on the entire crochet-covered balloon. Repeat this step after this first coat has dried. Then, let the balloon dry for 12 to 20 hours.
The next day, pop the balloon with a needle, action which will leave you with a hollow sphere of crochet. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut an oval opening of what is now an over-sized egg. Make sure you do not squeeze it when you do the cutting. Remove the popped balloon from inside.
Next, brush glitter and then spray fixative over the whole egg. Let it dry and place the shredded crepe paper inside the opening. Put eggs and a chocolate bunny inside. Decorate with a pretty bow made out of ribbon. Place it in the round box and your DIY egg nest is ready for Easter.

Till we meet again

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