Monday, April 7, 2014

The Seasonal Home Continues

I love to decorate for holidays and now I love Easter as well. I hate plastic flowers and I know that I have done everything that one could due to a plastic egg.
Well, get excited because here comes the latest craze...

Peeps Peeps and More Peeps
Yesterday, while trying to figure out what to do for Easter I found these:
Aren't they adorable?!
I researched the net and found this blog.
Whiskers and Wool.
She has taken the pattern and step-by-step showed what to do and how.
Check out her blog.
Now, what to do with these very additive peeps?
A wreath, maybe!!!

As I said Peeps and more Peeps!!

Check out this next project.
She is a designer who loves to take seasonal crafts to the next level.
Eileen from The Seasonal Home has a great idea.
s_front door_side 

  She has a video that explains the process, I watched it. She makes it sound easy but I know that me, a knife and Styrofoam don't mix. 
First off I can't cut straight. 
Second by the time I had all of the edges right it would be 2 inches long.
I think that those are good reasons but if you are game check out her website.
I hope that you are inspired to go and create!

Till we meet again


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