Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to make a cozy blanket in 4 hours

I want to make this blanket. 


Cascade Yarns

 I found this yarn at Amazon called Living Dreams Super Zippy; Super Bulky Natural Wool Roving Yarn for Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Rug Making, 4 Ounce 60 Yards, Cream White for $23.00 a skein. According to the website, it can be delivered by tomorrow. 

Knitter's Pride 50/25mm Basix Fixed Circular Needles, 40"

$15.00. Amazon 

 I found the crochet hook on Loopy Mango-isn't that a cute name! Here is the link. http://loopymango.com/collections/knitting-tools

 Price: $26.00

There is also Knitting Noodle- I like that name too.

They offer the yarn anywhere from $16.59 to 55.29. If the pricing seems weird, it is because I converted the euro into dollars for you. 

The Knitting Noodle- http://knittingnoodles.es/

or use your arms!


So have fun with this yarn and make up your own pattern to make a luxurious blanket in a rainy afternoon.

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