Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bullying in the Work Place

We all talk about bullying in schools and the devastating effects on the children, but what if you are an adult. Unfortunately there isn't a law to protect you. And one wonders why some employees bring guns to work!
Being bullied is a devastating effect on the adult. Remember if you are in this situation, you are not the problem. The bully, as in my case was Lorraine Lewis, an Australian, working here in Ohio decided that she didn't like me. There was nothing I could do but leave, She was an executive's wife and of course HR sided with her. So, I resigned. I thought that I could find a another job. And I did but I couldn't leave that feeling of being bullied behind. It followed me everywhere. What was it about me that brought it on. Was I weak, obnoxious, did I offend someone and didn't know it? This happened to me some 4 years ago and I am still emotional and scared. It was funny, at first I was friendly with Lorraine and Bobby, but when the first victim left ALS Tribology, they turned their immature behavior towards me. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Don't let this happen to you.  

You feel that you have no recourse. You wonder why, me? Who knows but why these small minded people exist. This will occur when the boss is weak. HR people aren't your friends. They will see you as the problem even if they have had numerous complaints about these bullies. They think that this is their culture - survival of the fittest. Bull, that culture is offensive and proves that boss and HR are weak and would rather place their heads in the sand then confront the bully. There is nothing redeeming about this individual and should be fired, but management is scared of the bully.

What should you do to prove your position.

Write down every incident, who, what and where. What action if any was placed towards the bully. What was done to prevent this hostile workplace culture. Document everything, because they will and they are willing to use it against you.

Check out this website:

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